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What is the Yemen Crisis?

  • Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world and it has become a living hell for children.
    • Since 2014, Yemen has been locked in a intractable civil war, killing nearly 10,000 people and pushing millions to starvation.
    • 80% of the population (24 million) are in need of assistance, including 12 million children.
    • 2 million children now face acute malnutrition, require treatment and are out of school
  • Yemen needs your help NOW more than ever, with COVID-19 now spreading across the country, Yemen facing an emergency within and emergency.

Why is it Happening? The Yemeni War

  • The war in Yemen can be rooted to a failed political transition in 2011. After a major uprising, the authoritarian president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, resigned, giving power to Abdrabbuh Manshour Hadi who failed to handle food instability, threats to national security, unemployment, and more.
  • The Houthis, a Shia organization in support of the previous president, conquered the region of Saada and began gaining power over the nation.
  • In response to this, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries commenced a military air campaign in an effort to defeat the Houthis and regain governmental control. Nearly โ…“ of the military air strikes target non-military locations such as schools and malls.
  • The war in Yemen is undoubtedly the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and yet, it rarely receives coverage from mainstream media.
  • Thus far, 80% of the population requires humanitarian support including 12 million innocent children. Lack of medical infrastructure, food supply, and sanitation makes deaths inevitable in the war-struck nation.
  • 2 million children under the age of five suffer from extreme malnutrition and millions are out of school due to the pandemic and ongoing civil war.
  • The political conflicts are detrimental to international safety, economy, and resources but most importantly, innocent civilians continue to suffer due to failed government leaders.
  • It is our moral and human responsibility to support the innocent people of Yemen. We cannot look away from the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

What are some causes of the famine?

  • The ongoing civil war has prevented shipments of food from entering the nation preventing millions from gaining access to an essential right.
  • The cost of food has nearly doubled and with millions in poverty-stricken states, rising costs are detrimental

What are some consequences of the famine?

  • Largest hunger crisis in the world, acutely malnourished children are on the brink
    • A child dies a preventable death every ten minutes
    • An estimate of 85,000+ children have have died as a result of the ongoing famine
  • Cholera outbreak, an infectious diseases that causes severe watery diarrhea, if untreated can result in death | 5000 new cases per day

What can we do to help?

Action Item #1

Share this on your social media, with your family and friends!

Even though this is a huge crisis and many innocent peopleโ€™s lives are at risk, most people have never heard about this issue due to the lack of coverage on mainstream media. Spreading awareness = saving more lives.

Action Item #2

to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia

Signing petitions can help stop countries from exporting weapons to Saudi Arabia and other nations perpetuating conflict. Many of our own governments are contributing to the suffering of innocent Yemenis without our knowledge. Every signature counts and ensure you share petitions on your social media pages to raise more awareness.

Action Item #3

  • We simply cannot change the political issues of the Middle East even though the war is the main source of the Yemeni crisis. However, we can, through love and generosity, work to feed those in need and support the next generation of Yemeni children. They don’t deserve to be die of hunger.

    • $63 could provide survival food kit providing nutrient-packed therapeutic food for 69 children
    • $108 could provide 210 packets of Plumy’Nut, providing a week’s supply for 70 children of a high-protein therapeutic food
    • $131 could stock a malnutrition treatment centre and provide therapeutic food for 164 children
    • For every dollar you donate, you have the potential to provide nutrient-packed therapeutic food for one child