FAQs ❓

Absolutely! Our goal is to raise as much money as possible and help Yemen through this crisis, so share this as much as you can.

Of course! We are working hard to have as many helpful resources on this page as possible.

Please email us at hello@feedingyemen.info with the subject line “Additional resources”. We appreciate your interest in helping us!

No. We are a group of students who were devastated after learning about the Yemen crisis and wanted spread awareness about the issue in hopes to raise funds & save lives.

You can help by creating helpful & educational graphics/posts/short videos about this topic.

If we have more share-worthy content, more people will learn about the Yemen crisis and more lives will be saved.

We’ll be happy to share your graphic/post on our website and on our social media. Of course, you’ll be credited for your work.

Please email us at join@feedingyemen.info with your graphics or the link to the post. Thanks so much! <3

If you believe you have found outdated information/a broken link or if something on this website doesn’t function correctly, please let us know so we can fix it ASAP.

You can email us at support@feedingyemen.info. We really appreciate your help!